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From what I remember, they played Into the Morning, NYLA, Disconnected, Bring It On, Kick Myself, Pretty From the Outside (YAY MY FAVOURITE SONG), California, Cold Feet and Temporary Insanity. I think I got them all. I might be missing one. That's not the order either.

I was rocking out and from what I saw, no one was rocking out as hard as I was and I seemed to be the only one who knew the songs. I can't hear a fucking thing right now because I was standing next to the speaker on the left side of the stage. That speaker was keeping me up while I headbanged and jumped around. Thank you speaker. ^_^

The band looked awesome as usual and I got to meet Ryan Ford. He's the guitarist who looked very very tired XD. The guy was DRIPPING sweat when he was performing. He's super nice. And I wanted to steal Link's gloves.

The performance was excellent. Too bad the mic decided to fuck up in the middle of Kick Myself. Apparently they didn't get to do a sound check. Which is lame. Poor guys. Doesn't matter. They did amazing anyway.

That was great. Rocked out and home in time for dinner. ^_^ We didn't even stay for the headliner which was Hedly. We just came to see The Weekend. Amazing show. Just...fabulous.

Now...I'm off to shower and do homework. ^_^;


~~A very sweaty and tired Lynni~~
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