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Maddie and I caught the free show of the weekend it was kickass. They played new music and it was really good and they played some good older songs like Victory, Bring it on and me vs. the world and stuff. And then afterwards and hell follows played, but we went around the side of the stage where the band was. Then between maddie and I we met all of the them except the bassist who was rocking the whole time and was going hardcore radical and it was cool. So Maddie talked to Link, the keyboarder about his dancing and stuff. First we met the drummer, Jason, and we was really cool and we talked abohut the new cd, that he was really good and the fact that i was ditching my drum lesson to be there. It was cool. Maddie was talking to the guitarist around that time and he was nice. Then we met Andrea and she was really nice, she gave us two of the Weekend tank tops and she was altogether cool. We got our pictures with Jason and Andrea so we can post those later :D. Then during the concert the guy beside me was trying to get a shirt and was being such a fucking jerk like "asshhole, give me a fucking shirt. bitch cmon. ill trade my beer for one." then when the bassist was handing out the shirts/ throwing them into the audience (Maddie and I were right at the front) he threw one and it was about to go straight to that asshole so I reach out my hand and grabbed it before he got it. it was great he was like "fine, at least i get to keep my beer" and it wouldnt have fit him anyway coz it fits me perfectly and hes talller and bigger shoulders coz hes a man. so it says: i <3 the weekend and on the back it says teenage usa and its white. the tanktop says the weekend and has a heart weekend logo thing and its blue. umm and it was fun. :) i had lots of fun. so happy. will post the pictures when maddie gets them developed. anyone else been to concert of their's?

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